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Bill Corbitt with Scieppan
Bill Corbitt

Lead Designer / President

After two decades in design, creating estate homes, commercial buildings, websites, and providing the occassional voice impersonation Bill's best titles so far have been Husband and Dad. Design is intertwined within everything our lives touch. We create after creation, we mimic that which we've never seen, we repeat things worth repeating, and always we want to provide that which is pleasing.

Nicole Corbitt with Scieppan
Nicole Corbitt

The 'Real' President

Nicole, or 'Mama-Bear' is currently not only a developer of ideas for Scieppan, but a developer of humans. She is actually pregnant with Scieppan's newest addition, Ethan! We're sure he'll love design as much as we all do. For now, Nicole provides support as she supports herself and our family!

Noah Corbitt

UX & UI Designer

Normally, UX and UI stand for User Experience and User Interface, but in Noah's case it means Undeniably X-cellent and Unreservedly Irresistible. We think the ladies agree no matter where he goes whether it's clients coming to us or Noah out in public the ladies can't get enough of him. This doesn't seem to slow him down in his endeavor to provide great code and design.

Katie Corbitt


Ok, ok, so not the Chief Creative Officer (yet) but our Chief Cutie-pie Object-of-affection. She is hands down our best sales person. When she sets out to meet with clients they immediately are enamored with her eloquence and intelligence. She has yet to have a client turn her down when she explains in detail what Scieppan does for them. Our clients just seem to gravitate to her.