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If you need home design - yes, we do that too! There's no project we can't provide. Our largest designed home to date has been 28,000 square feet. Yes, really. It even had a guest house of over 2,000 square feet. We not only design large estate type homes we also design smaller homes under 2,000 square feet and remodeling and renovations are not off limits either - contact Scieppan for your dream home.

Process & Cost

We meet with you to decide what you want. After getting your comments we get to work designing your home. After verifying the design with you and making any changes you request we then move toward final permit documnets.

Permit documents take some time to complete, and they include details, dimensions and multiple sheets so your contractor can build your home easily.

When Scieppan meets with you we listen to your needs, wants, and desires. We make sure we include these in your preliminary design. Our goal is to make certain we have everything you want in your home.

We have been in the design business long enough to provide you with a design that includes your dreams in your home.

Scieppan does not price a home based on size/square footage we base our design on time. This provides the best solution for both you and us. You are guaranteed the time you need with us to make your dreams and requests known without rushing.

Our costs are comparable to others in the industry. We want you to be satisfied in your dream home!


We won't deny that plan houses are great if you're on a strict budget and can get a plan for your specific location/state. That said multiple times when you purchase one of these plans you still have to hire a local designer or engineer that knows your local codes and soil so they can revise those drawings to meet local code criteria to be permitted.

An example of this is a friend of mine ordered from a plan house our of the midwest, by the time he had a structural engineer help him revise it to work here in Florida he would have been better off just having a real designer work with him.

Scieppan provides a full permit set of documents for your contractor to obtain the permit so he can begin to build your home - that means structural engineering services are included. Please note that pre-engineered roof trusses are typically provided by your contractor's truss company.

If you need other engineering services like mechanical engineering for a special HVAC units, plumbing specialties, etc... If you need electrical engineering for special technological systems we can provide these services as well. We can also provide landscape architecture if required.

We provide unlimited number of changes based on our hourly fees. This allows us to feed our team members (see our About Us tab/page) and provides you with the best possible solution(s) to make you satisfied.

Scieppan ONLY charges you an hourly fee for the time we work on YOUR project. We give you updates along the way so there are no surprises.

Scieppan does all we can to provide you with a set of permittable documents as quickly as possible. We strive to provide accurate documents so that your contractor/builder can construct your dream home quickly and accurately.