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Voice Acting/Impersonations

Years ago when visiting areas of the world most people asked about my southern accent, and said how thick the accent was when I spoke. What's funny is most places have their own accent. We just like to mimic others!

So, what do you need?

Every voice is unique. Scieppan likes to create funny voices, but also mimic those infamous voices we've all heard over the years on cartoons and iconic shows/movies. Let us record a voice for you.

We will provide a recorded voice for you to use professionally. Our voices can be used in any industry.

You've probably remember the guy from Police Academy - Michael Winslow - the guy who was a human sound effects machine! We loved his abilities and still do. Scieppan strives to provide SFX (sound effects) just like Michael.

Sound effects (SFX) are very popular in the cartoon industry, but there are multiple venues for this ability. Contact Scieppan so we can help you now.

There is a need for those with hearing disabilites and we can help provide that need. Where closed captioning is required or needed let Scieppan provide the voice recording(s) for your needs.

You'll notice our site has an audio button on each page for the hearing impaired. We strive to make our site(s) accessible for all who surf the web.

Questions & The Process

If you want to see what voices and SFX (sound effects) Scieppan can offer please visit our gallery page. We have a number of examples there for you to listen to so you can decide for yourself.

Scieppan loves a challenge. We would love for you to contact us so that we can find out what voice or sound effect you need. We can't wait to get to meet, and serve you!.

We can arrange fees for where you can use our recordings so that it can serve you in multiple venues or just one if that's you current need. We will make sure you get what you need and communicate it clearly in our proposal/contract and send it to you for your approval.

We provide an unlimited number of changes based on our hourly fees (provided in our proposal/contract). This allows us to feed our team members (see the About Us page) and provides you with the best possible solution(s) to make you satisfied.

Scieppan tries very hard to give you a voice recording or SFX (sound effect) quickly, but more importantly we want to provide the best recording for your needs.