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Since 1995, Scieppan has been in the design/engineering industry. In 2005 we began our plunge into website design (which included domain setup and hosting services)[and that's not fake news]! After such time we also decided it was time to create our voices to be heard for everyone.

Helpful Web Terms

Most people know you have to have a name followed by a 'dot com' or 'dot net' or 'dot org' and the list goes on especially now with multiple 'dot (provide name here)'. This can be the easiest decision of all at first, most people use their company/organization/church name or personal name.

At Scieppan if you're just starting out and need help in your domain name selection - we are more than happy to help.

A lot of people have come to us and said design a site I have a domain. The problem later comes in when we get ready to 'launch' the site and there is no hosting. Hosting is typically provided through a company provider where they give you server space and email access with your domain. Hosting is what allows your website to be visible when someone types in or searches for your domain.

Scieppan can provide hosting services for your domain, website, and provide professional email with your domain name.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is your 'ranking' on search engines - that means when someone types in your website or terms associated with your website the search engine goes through its catalogs to find the top matches for those terms. Hopefully, your site has been designed well enough to be around the first couple of pages.

If you've dealt with a company or read where a company "Guarantees" your ranking please, please, please read this article - Click Here to Read. No one can guarantee your spot.

Questions & The Process

Ah, the old get what you pay for question. We realize everyone has a budget. Scieppan also understands that most businesses don't need another task to add to their already hectic schedules. We provide professional website design services so you don't have to worry about your layout, design, or search engine optimizations.

Please visit our contact page and fill out our form and we will respond within 24 hours. We can't wait to get to meet, and serve you!.

The first thing we do is meet with you (whether via phone or face to face) then we listen to your requirements. This first meeting is free! We then draw up a proposal/contract and send it to you for your approval. Then we request a small deposit and provide you with some preliminary ideas for your new design.

We provide an unlimited number of changes based on our hourly fees (provided in our proposal/contract). This allows us to feed our team members (see the About Us page) and provides you with the best possible solution(s) to make you satisfied.

We do provide the content of your site so that it will be listed in the search engine(s). We make sure your site has a site map, robots.txt file, etc... to help with your rankings. Please see the above tab "SEO" for more on guaranteeing rank!

Scieppan tries very hard to give you a site quickly, but more importantly we want to provide the best site and solutions for your needs. Launch means actually having your site come up when typing in the domain in the browser's address bar. This is our final step; however, Scieppan does provide maintenance packages to continue updating your site after launch.