Who is Scieppan?

Good question. Bill Corbitt, Lead Designer has been in the field of design since 1995 and has almost 25 years of experience. The design fields range from interior design (his B.S. degree from M.T.S.U.) to architecture, and graphic/website design. Each field has its own design intricacies, but overall the design philosophy remains the same - provide the best design, usable, beautiful, and well-crafted.

Back Story

T he history of Bill's background is quite unique. After college he moved to Florida to work with Kevin Gray who owns an established estate home design firm. The firm specialized in custom homes and celebrity clientele. One of Bill's first designs at this firm was over 28,000 square feet that included a separate guest home that added another 2,000 square feet to the project. After working on the custom homes for two years Bill began working with a Builder directly in the firm and developed numerous home layouts and elevations for a new Keywest themed subdivision in Amelia Island. Bill also was over two other people in the small firm for quality control, revisions, and design. After 3-1/2 years of working on custom estate homes Bill decided it was time to move on to commercial architecture.

In 2004 Bill's world changed for good for many reasons. The first was he was married to his beloved bride in June. Afterwards he started a new career in commercial architecture with Ronald Scalisi. Ron is a well-known, accomplished architect who has practiced architecture for over 40 years. RSA was a part of Bill's life for almost 15 years.

During that time Bill was afforded with many opportunities - one being the ability to obtain his Master's of Arts degree, and achieve the privilege to sit for the ARE exams (which allow someone after passing them to become a licensed architect). Also, during his tenure with RSA he began to be interested in website design, and began using the ol' reverse-engineering method and taught himself web design/html language. As the years progressed so did his interest in his website design hobby, learning new techniques and design layouts.

T hus began his foray into web design and ever since he has continued his love for web design. Bill believes design is not just one discipline, but should be practiced in all professions. Good design leads to calm environments. With working in the design field since the mid nineties and working on websites since 2005 Bill has an abundance of design experience. Check out his website projects in our portfolio.