Website Speed

Regardless of mobile or desktop if your site is slow to upload text and pictures people will leave.


We strive to meet person's with disabilities requirements on each of our sites.


From family-owned blue-collar to licensed architects and engineer firms we can design your site.

Friendly support

We keep in touch with our clients, because many of our clients are or become friends.

What's in a Name?

Scieppan! Scieppan. Scieppan?

In old English it means simply = to create, to form, to mould, and/or to shape. Pronounced = 'sī-pan'.
Now that we have that out of the way. Scieppan's mission is to produce the best creations/designs using the best items, materials, and talent we have to fulfill your desires and needs. Our goal at Scieppan is to make your dream a reality. Whether it's a website for your company or a newly designed logo and business branding we can design it for you. It's simple at Scieppan; our vision should be yours.

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It's a simple question, but probably the most important. Our answer is simple, we listen to you. Did you catch that? Yes, we listen to you. We don't try to influence your ideas. Once we've heard all you have to say to us - we then begin to create your site. We don't create a site first and make your ideas fit. That's what most places and most 'free' sites do these days. We come from a long line of designers and creators. It's what we do. Contact us and see if it's true. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Have you ever just been surfing the internet and stumble across a website that has misspelled words, broken links to nowhere, too many flashing pictures/lights, or really blurry pictures? Yep, we have too. It makes your skin crawl doesn't it? Yep, ours too. That's why we strive to bring you a clean, refreshing website with the best in imagery, spelling, and content. We're human so we make mistakes, but we try to be detail oriented so our mistakes are few and far between; however, if you ever see a mistake in your site we've made - let us know IMMEDIATELY - we'll fix it FREE of charge (as it should be).
We can absolutely provide custom ideas and technologies that are available (some examples from video files to audio files on your site - like if you are a church and want your sermons available for the public). Of course, like anything, it may cost more. We have provided specialties like cloud hosting, automatic backups, and multiple other items that even begin to extend beyond the realm of simple website design. If you need a small office file server setup, wireless/wired internet setup to PCs and/or printers - yep, we can do that too. We believe I.T. should encompass as much of your business as it can to help you be more efficient and productive.
Are your custom requests beyond what you've seen here? We also have very experienced consultants we work with to provide things as custom as apps, database implementation, etc. Need something like that? Contact us.
Better Solutions At Your Fingers

You need a website that showcases what you provide, who you are, and how you can provide the best service or product for your future and existing clients. Let Scieppan provide that website for you while you focus on your business.

With but a few exceptions, we don't have this personal study under masters any more. Craftsmanship has sunk very low. We no longer have any universally creative persons who are able to guide young learners not only in technical matters but also, at the same time, in a formal way.
- Walter Gropius